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It is relatively common to lose your cell phone at some point, even in the house, and it is also common, unfortunately, for assaults and robberies to happen.

In the digital age, most people don’t go anywhere without their cell phones, and losing them is a nightmare. But you should know that technology can help you find your lost or stolen phone.

Through tracking applications, the user can locate the phone and access some functions, even over long distances.


Applications to track cell phone

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Several applications on the market promise to track cell phones and devices using GPS and other technologies.

Among the functions that these apps offer are usually GPS locator, call recording, remote camera access, text and call tracking, social media monitoring, and access, and computer and tablet tracking.


We bring you today, three cell phone tracker apps. Check them out:


The mSpy application, very well known in the market in its sector, uses GPS tracking technology and monitoring of various activities on the device.

The tracking can be performed over long distances and in real-time, making it possible to track more than one device simultaneously. The app features several language options for users.

It provides the tracking function completely free of charge to any user, but also features a Premium plan, with many other functions that can be useful in finding your phone.

mSpy is available for the iOS system.



Our second app, Glympse, is capable of performing fast tracking, as well as bringing the entire location history of the device.

The app features the ability to share the location and ID of the phone in case of emergency, relying on a very accurate GPS location.

The Glympse app can be found on iOS, Android, and Windows systems.

Find My Device

The Find My Device app also locates a device from a distance, going further and allowing it to be locked through the app.


The app shows all the way, via Google Maps, to the lost/stolen device, through the Maps icon. It has built-in maps that help locate the device in large, crowded places like malls and airports.

The app allows the user to visualize the last location of the device, clear all the device’s memory, or even block it so that in case of theft, the person cannot access any data or files.

Another function of the application is to make a thunderous alarm sound, even if the accessed device is on silent.

The Find My Device app can be found on the Android system.

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