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We know that there are many reasons to track a cell phone and today’s technological world offers you different methods to do so.

If you lost your cell phone or it was stolen and you need to find it, one of the necessary apps that you must have is to be able to track your cell phone in order to find a way to recover it physically and even be able to manage it remotely and if necessary, delete the data remotely.

Using the location applications that come in your Apple device, Android and even some manufacturers like Samsung.


These are free applications installed from the moment you buy your cell phone that allow you to track it.

This is one of the easiest and safest ways to track your phone for free, but in some cases you will need to create an account or link one of your existing accounts with the application.


FamiSafe Location Tracking

It is an amazing location tracking app, designed with the stupendous dedication for both Android and iOS devices.

With this tool, you will find many features which will help you to track the location of the target device.


  • You can easily access the live location accurately.
  • If the target device is lost or stolen, FamiSafe also helps to track the location of the device while the target device is connected to the internet.
  • FamiSafe is available free of charge. To access all the features, you have to upgrade to a Premium plan which is available at affordable prices.
  • There is no need to manage everything on your child’s phone. Once the application is installed, you can set everything up on your own device flexibly.

It is important to note that every time we go out on the street, we all run the risk of dropping our phone and breaking it, misplacing it or having it stolen.

Due to the great utility nowadays of having a cell phone and carrying a lot of personal information on it, if we do not properly protect our private and confidential information, such as access to bank accounts, conversations, photos, social networking activity, etc., it can be totally compromised if we lose our cell phone.

That is why we recommend that you do not fail to have this app on your cell phone as a security measure to recover any information that may be lost if it is lost or stolen.


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