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Lately, a good number of studies have been showing benefits of taking vitamin D, which is said to be related to the health of the heart, bone, muscles, and other parts of the body. But getting to the proper levels is a bit difficult.

Do you know how to measure vitamin D? There are two ways to get the proper amounts: through food and sun, but it is not always possible to measure whether you are reaching the proper levels.

To help in this task there are cell phone applications, but is it reliable? so researchers at the University of Guelph, Canada, have verified the capability of the app “Vitamin D Calculator”.


They asked 25 people between the ages of 18 and 25 to use the app for three days, recording the amount of time spent in the sun, the consumption of vitamin D foods, and the consumption of calcium and vitamin D supplements. The same record was made to the researchers.

At the end of the experiment, the estimates arrived at an equal result, which showed that the app is effective in controlling and stimulating the intake and production of vitamin D in the body.


However, the ideal is to see a doctor and get tested, because taking vitamin D within the recommendations does not ensure that the substance levels are appropriate for the body.

The app “Vitamin D calculator” is available for iPhone, just install it on the App store. To access it you need to enter your skin type and personal data, record your daily meals, the time you have been exposed to the sun, and the consumption of vitamin D supplements.

For sunlight to change the calciferol in the body into vitamin D, it is essential that you stand with your arms and legs without sunscreen for 20 minutes in the sun. Foods such as tuna, sardines, eggs, beef, and cheddar cheese can also provide vitamin D.

Both sources of vitamin D cause medical discussion, on the one hand some foods are fatty, and on the other hand sun exposure without sunscreen, which is not indicated by dermatologists, such as the Brazilian Society of Dermatology, regarding the risk of developing skin cancer.

The other options are vitamin D supplements, which have to be consumed with professional guidance, and also foods such as milk, and breakfast cereals.


How much vitamin D to consume per day? You should consume 400 IU (International Units) daily, which is equivalent to 10 micrograms or 0.1 milligrams.

How to download the “Vitamin D Calculator” application

1- On an iPhone, open the App Store app and on Android, open the Play Store app.

2- Tap the Search tab and search for “Vitamin D Calculator”.


3- Tap the Install or Get button. If the Open or Install button appears, you have downloaded the app.


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