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A completely free app for measuring blood pressure on a cell phone is gaining people’s attention, through its interesting features for those who suffer from problems with blood pressure.

It is an app created to measure blood pressure, through the analysis of data pre-provided to the app and thus being possible to monitor blood pressure.

So, if you would like to measure your blood pressure without having to leave your house by means of your phone, this article will show you a great app to do that.


What is hypertension and its symptoms?

Hypertension is a disease that is characterized mainly by high blood pressure levels in the arteries and kills about 10 million people a year.


This disease is responsible for causing strokes, heart attacks, heart and kidney failure, and can also cause an arterial aneurysm.

The most common symptoms are

– Nosebleed
– Chest pain
– Blurred vision
– Weakness
– Dizziness
– Headache.

So it is crucial to always keep an eye on your blood pressure whenever possible, especially if your family is already predisposed to this problem.

Why we need an app for this.


You may be wondering why you should start paying attention to your blood pressure when you have no symptoms and not even a family history.

In fact, an app to measure your blood pressure from your cell phone doesn’t seem to be as interesting as an app to listen to music, watch TV series and soap operas, or even do exercises.

But according to the American Heart Association, 50% of Americans are hypertensive and don’t even know it.

So even if you don’t feel the symptoms, it is important to keep an eye on it to avoid future problems.


Now that you know everything about hypertension, I am sure you will want to take better care of yourself, so follow the end of this article.

Application to measure blood pressure by cell phone for free

We will indicate a great app to measure blood pressure on your cell phone, so that you can start taking better care of your health.

Being the app with the best ranking in the Play Store, the Blood Pressure – Blood Pressure Diary is the best app to track your blood pressure.

This app, is a blood pressure diary that helps you control your blood pressure through statistics and data collected by the app.

Using this app, you can monitor your pressure accurately with stats and notes about your pressure.

It is worth remembering that you need the data in advance to provide to the app and form your graphs.

This app is ideal both for those who already suffer from blood pressure and want to know how their health is, and for those who would like to start taking care of their health.

How to install the Blood Pressure app for free on your cell phone.

To install Blood Pressure – Blood Pressure Diary just follow the steps below.

– Open your Play Store
– Look in the search tab ” Blood Pressure – Blood Pressure Diary ”
– And start downloading
– Wait until it is finished
– At the end, tap open and you can start using it now.

Thank you very much for reading this article and I hope to see you next time.


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