Application to measure your blood pressure from your cell phone

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Learn how to use an application to measure blood pressure using your cell phone.

Nowadays, cell phones are increasingly modern and contributing to the health of the general population.

Based on this, people who suffer from high blood pressure can now rely on some apps to help and track their blood pressure.


Nowadays it is also possible to monitor systolic and diastolic blood pressure using a cell phone.

See how to measure blood pressure with a cell phone

It is worth mentioning that, the follow-up by a professional doctor must continue to be maintained.


Systolic and diastolic blood pressure, what is it?

First of all, arterial pressures have two measurements.

They happen when the heart contracts and when it relaxes.

The systolic pressure occurs when the heart is contracting, this has the highest value.

And the lower value that happens when it is relaxing is the diastolic pressure.

What is the ideal blood pressure value?

The ideal blood pressure values are


Systolic: 12

Diastolic: 9

And remember: this data is only information.

Samsung Helth Monitor – Measuring blood pressure with a mobile device

First of all it is necessary to understand that it is measured using a watch.


The Samsung Helth Monitor app works with the brand’s watches, they are:

Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Galaxy Watch 3

So the watch measures the pressure and the mobile device shows the result.

This application has a very important function: Every time an out-of-average pressure value is detected, the contacts saved in the device will be notified immediately.

However, it only works on Samsung devices.

Download and install: Android

SmartBP – Blood Pressure Measurement

This application connects to Android cell phones as well as iPhone

To measure it you need to have a connection to the devices below:





Above all, the operation is simple, just install the application on your cell phone.

Soon after, connect one of the meters mentioned, so that the data show the measurements, above all,

appear in graph form, this application allows you to save the monitoring, you can also export in spreadsheet, if you need.

Download and installation: Android

Download and install: iOS (iPhone)

If possible avoid applications that measure without devices, because they are not as reliable, unlike those with watches or devices of good brands.

Therefore, it is essential to be aware of this in the decision to use the apps and devices.

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