Applications to Free Up Space on Your Mobile Phone

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If you have a cell phone and you need to delete something every time to free up space, or it is crashing all the time and you are having performance problems. Instead of looking for photos and heavy files manually, it is very worthwhile to use applications to do the cleaning, because these tools show the duplicate applications and the heaviest, organizes the mobile files, optimize the mobile tasks, helps free RAM memory, disables applications that are less used among other functions.

But don’t forget that these tools consume several cell phone resources by running in the background, even though they are useful, so it is recommended to use them only for occasional cleaning so that the device’s performance is not affected. See below the applications.


The app has several functions to free up space, optimize RAM memory, save battery and improve your device’s performance while playing games, and contains quick cleanup shortcuts. And it shows suggestions of heavy or infrequently used files that can be deleted to free up space.


And for quick access, it provides a notification bar to optimize RAM and remove files.

Available for Android only.


Google Files

This tool was developed by Google for Android and is a great option if you don’t want to install another application. It works as a file manager on your phone, with suggestions to free up memory.

And in Suggestion, it shows you the heavy files, duplicates, memes and photos saved in backup. And to remove these files and free up space, it offers a quick shortcut. If you have accidentally deleted something, you can access the Recycle Bin to recover the contents within 30 days before they are permanently deleted.

An additional feature, is that the app allows you to create secure folders to password protect access to files and provides a tool to send and receive files quickly and easily with other cell phones.

It is free and available for Android only.


CCleaner can be used to find heavy files, divide them into categories, find duplicate content, and find out which applications are rarely used.


It also provides personalized tips with quick cleanup options, screenshots, and battery consumption.

This tool has a PC version. The application has some of the main functions found on the PC or such as file location and RAM optimization.

Available for Android only.



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