How is your Blood Pressure?

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With the use of technology, people’s lives are getting easier, especially for people who suffer from falling or rising blood pressure on a daily basis and need to measure their blood pressure frequently on a cell phone.

Due to the creation and advancement of technology, it is now easier and faster to measure your stress. Just press your finger on the phone’s camera for a few seconds and check the results obtained through the app.

The results you get are displayed directly in the app. Check out some of these apps and how they work in practice to let you know.


However, it is essential to mention that the monitoring of the medical specialist is necessary to maintain frequently.

What are systolic and diastolic blood pressure?

Systolic blood pressure is the highest value that appears when you measure the pressure. It is related to the contracting movement of the heart. On the other hand, diastolic blood pressure is the smaller value and is related to the heart’s relaxation.


The arterial pressures that are called normal according to experts are systolic blood pressure 12 and diastolic blood pressure 9.

Here are some of the applications for measuring blood pressure using a cell phone.

Measuring blood pressure with a mobile device – Helth Monitor

The health app can be downloaded only on Android, and the blood pressure can be monitored directly on the cell phone. Through Helth Monitor, Galaxy Watch Active2 users can measure their blood pressure in real time. This is possible because the watch checks the pulse wave through a sensor built into the device.

Measuring blood pressure from the mobile device – Smart BP

With this app you can also monitor your blood pressure. It can be used for Android and iOS (iPhone) systems completely free of charge. The application has an intuitive appearance and is simple to use, and all content accessed is stored on the device itself.

With the help of the app, pressure changes can be tracked. These changes are presented in the form of graphs and statistics based on time and date.


Simple to keep track of and record the data. You can record your systolic and diastolic blood pressure and also measure time, pulse, weight and pulse pressure.

Blood Pressure (Bpresso)

The blood pressure app (bpresso) is available for Android. With it, blood pressure can be collected on the fly. In addition, all related activities can be monitored in real time with the cell phone.

For example, heart rate, medications, exercise, and weight. In other words, you can monitor your blood pressure regularly, without having to leave your home or go to the doctor’s office.

You can create important reminders to avoid forgetting to measure your blood pressure. This app is also only available for the Android system. The app is designed to monitor blood pressure using the cell phone.


Using the app users can frequently monitor their high blood pressure. With it, you will get more information about the treatment of hypertension. Thus, with such information can be provided to the doctor and avoid possible future inconveniences.

The information is kept in the application’s database and can be used by the user through downloaded files.  Now that you know how to measure blood pressure using your cell phone, download the application and take the test.

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